New comic schedule

Yup, you guessed it…things are so busy on my end that the M-W-F schedule is no longer feasible. Along with that, I’m no longer being distributed by Tribune Content Agency so the pressure to produce three comics a week is off. My new and more reasonable plan is to post a new comic every Monday. That way, you still get a new comic and I still get to draw it and put it up for you to see. Even more, I keep the steady flow of ideas that will hopefully lead to future chapter book stories!

That being said, I hope you continue to follow along and see what the future holds for Little Peej, Spencer and the gang.

Schedule? We don’t need no steenkeeng schedule!

That’s right, dear readers…due to the pressures of family life and the priority of working on my more lucrative freelance work, Best In Show will be posted irregularly but still three times a week. I will try to keep them posted as close to M-W-F as possible but there are no guarantees. Thanks for hanging in there!