Little Peej and Spencer now on GoodReads!

Now that summer, and all of it’s vacations, home improvements, etc. is over I find myself with the time to get back to promoting my book, Little Peej and Spencer: The Time Traveling Toy Rescue. I’ve revisited the acceptance letter I received from Barnes & Noble confirming the fact that they are willing to distribute Toy Rescue through their stores (once I find an approved wholesaler/distributor) and started reviewing the the info packet I received from Baker and Taylor, one of the above mentioned ‘approved vendors’. One of the main things on the list of criteria for acceptance for distribution through Baker and Taylor is a marketing plan.

Enter the can of worms.

After going down the rabbit hole on the internet researching marketing plans I found a common thread throughout most of the articles I’ve read…a website called GoodReads.

Long story short, I submitted Toy Rescue and it was accepted into their database! I am now a GoodReads Author! You can check out my page here:

An easy way to support my work is to enroll in GoodReads and click the ‘want to read’ button to share with your friends! This little profile goes a long way in lending credibility to me as an author.

So, please check it out.